See Dymax Products in Action


Dymax oligomers, dispensing systems, and light-curing equipment are utilized in a wide range applications. Below are a few videos that demonstrate these products and technologies.

3D Printing

Dymax Light-Cure Solutions for 3D Printing

Our light-cure experts have developed solutions to improve all stages of the 3D-printing process, from resin formulation to post-cure and repair. Our oligomers, adhesives, and curing equipment are optimized to work together to provide higher quality end products in a faster, more efficient way.

Light-Curable Coatings for 3D Printed Parts

Dymax’s light-curable coatings create a smooth, clear surface on SLA and DLP 3D printed parts. They also provide great durability, adding another level of protection to the part. Watch this video to see the effects of these coatings on a simple, manual sphere coating application.

3D Printed Parts Repair & Assembly

Light-curable adhesives are ideal for assembling or repairing 3D-printed parts that were generated with light-curable resins (i.e. DLP or SLA printers). The bonds are:

  • Instant – cures in seconds allowing for immediate processing
  • Colorless – no noticeable bond lines for better looking products
  • Durable – strong bonds that withstand everyday use

Nail Coatings

Bomar LED-Curable Oligomers for Nail Coatings

Bomar LED-curable oligomers make nail coatings stronger and more durable for everyday use. Formulate non-yellowing, high-gloss nail coatings that are vibrant and beautiful, cure faster, and generate very low heat during cure.

Light-Curing Equipment

BlueWave® QX4® LED Spot-Curing System

Dennis DellAccio, Equipment Manager for Dymax Corporation, discusses the Dymax BlueWave QX4 LED light-curing system. Highlights include a substrate curing demonstration and an overview about the benefits of LED curing technology. Dennis also shows important features of the system including the multiple lightguides and easily interchangeable focusing lenses that allow for maximum curing flexibility.

»More information on BlueWave® QX4™ LED Multi-Head Spot-Curing System