Oligomers for Formulating Nail Coatings

Oligomers for
Nail Gels

Oligomers for LED-Curing Nail Gel Coatings

Formulate Nail Gel Coatings that Look Salon Fresh Longer


LED-curing nail gel coatings formulated with Bomar® oligomers have a non-yellowing, high-gloss finish and exhibit excellent durability. These oligomers generate low heat during LED-cure and are easily removed with acetone and are created with low MeHQ levels for low skin irritation. Oligomers for gel nail coatings are INCI registered and meet many global regulatory conditions. LED-curable coatings provide significant advantages over broad-spectrum UV coatings including faster cure times and reduced energy and maintenance costs associated with LED-curing equipment.

Formulating your gel nail coatings with Bomar® oligomers helps overcome common issues like low gloss, color drift, regulatory compliance, premature chipping, and high heat generation during cure. Dymax oligomers are ideally suited for top coat, color coat, or base coat LED-curable nail gel polishes sold in professional salons or do-it-at-home kits. These oligomers cover a diverse range of mechanical properties allowing complete formulation flexibility, making it easy for formulators to get the desired coating properties. We recommend that you speak directly with our Sales and/or Technical Teams to choose the right oligomer for your application.

If one of our existing oligomers do not provide the desired properties for your application, Dymax O&C can work with you to develop a custom oligomer. We also offer contract manufacturing services for companies that would like to outsource synthesis.

  • Low heat generation to eliminate skin irritation/sensitivity during cure
  • Easy removal with acetone
  • Diverse mechanical properties for formulation flexibility
  • Non-yellowing, high-gloss finish for vibrant coatings
  • Excellent durability for longer lasting salon fresh look
  • INCI registered oligomers

Oligomers for LED-Curable Nail Gel Coatings

Oligomer Features & Benefits Viscosity, cP Tg (DMA), °C* Durometer

BR-371B Hard gel nail coatings; high tensile strength; superior hardness; low color; fast cure speeds; optical clearity 67,000
(@ 60°C)
86 86D
BR-371MS Hard gel nail coatings; high tensile strength; superior hardness; extremely low color; low heat generation; high Tg 65,000
(@ 60°C)
110 89D
BR-541MB Nail coatings; high tensile strength; excellent optical clarity; exhibits hydrolytic stability 6,400
(@ 60°C)
60 74D
BR-541S Ideal for nail gel applications; stable color; gloss finish; optically clear; improves adhesion; weatherability 3,000
(@ 60°C)
44 62D
BR-543MB Ideal for nail gel applications; high tensile strength; low skin sensitivity; excellent optical clarity; improves impact resistance and adhesion; oil resistant; provides weatherability; exhibits hydolytic stability 14,000
(@ 60°C)
-55 60A
BR-551ME For LED curing gel polish; fast acetone soak-off; very low viscosity; low APHA color; high gloss; low MeHQ levels 16,800
(@ 25°C)
53 55D
BR-571MB Scratch resistant coatings; hard glossy coatings; improves adhesion; enhances flexibility; provides abrasion resistance; provides weatherability; low yellowing; gloss finish 100,000
(@ 50°C)
50 82D
BR-742MS Nail gel color coats; nail gel top coats; nail art gels; undetectable MeHQ levels (<10 ppm); fast acetone soak-off; good balance of toughness and elongation; low color; glossy finish; low heat generation 25,000
(@ 60°C)
58 81D
BR-744BT Nail gel coatings; improves adhesion; enhances flexibility and elogation; provides impact resistance; non-yellowing; provides weather resistance; gloss finish; low skin irritation; low MeHQ levels 46,000
(@ 60° C)
8 75A
BR-952 Ideal for nail gel applications; fast curing; low color; provides toughness; low MeHQ; high-gloss finish; Bisphenol A free; non-yellowing; low viscosity 7,800
(@ 25°C)
159 90D
BRC-443D Ideal for nail gel applications; low MeHQ; improves adhesion; enhances hardness; non-yellowing; low water absorption; increases weatherability; provides acid and alkaline resistance; high-temperature resistance; abrasion resistance; gloss finish 20,000
(@ 50°C)
41 62D
BRC-843D Ideal for nail applications; low MeHQ; low water absorption; non-yellowing; hydrophobic; gloss finish; high-temperature, abrasion, and alkaline resistance; enhances hardness; improves adhesion; increases weatherability 4,150
(@ 60°C)
45 60D
XR-741MS Forms a clear, non-yellowing protective coating; superior hardness; low skin irritation/sensitivity; chemical resistance 8,000
(@ 75°C)
110 90D

*Peak tan delta; cured with 2 phr of Omnirad™ 184