Oligomers for 3D Printing

Oligomers for 3D Printing

Oligomers for 3D Printing Inks & Resins

Formulate 3D Printing Resins with Superior Mechanical Properties & Surface Quality

Bomar® oligomers are ideal for formulating printing inks and resins for stereolithography (SLA), digital light processing (DLP), and 3D inkjet printers. The selection consists of oligomers with varying tgs that allow for flexibility in mechanical properties. Formulators looking to eliminate object deformation can select an oligomer with a high Tg and low linear shrinkage. The oligomers also cover a large range of viscosities so formulators can achieve the flow characteristics they desire.

In addition to the mechanical properties these oligomers provide, they also are non-yellowing for higher clarity and offer color stability for better looking objects. Formulations using Bomar oligomers also gain high impact resistance, making them more durable against dropping and every day wear. If one of our existing oligomers do not provide the desired properties for your application, Dymax O&C can work with you to develop a custom oligomer. We also offer a range of contract manufacturing services.

Oligomers for 3D Printing

Oligomer Features & Benefits Viscosity, cP Tg*
BR-144B Rapid cure speed; exhibits hydrolytic stability; low color/non-yellowing; provides solvent resistance; low skin irritation; high gloss; enhances weatherability; improves abrasion resistance; low MEHQ levels; low skin sensitivity 23,000
(at 60°C)

BR-345 Color stability for better aesthetics; easy to paint or finish for better looking products; low moisture absorption to minimize distortion of parts; low Tg and very high elongation (especially with 50% IBOA); soft surface hardness; impact resistance 46,000
(at 25°C)

BR-741 Improves adhesion; enhances hardness; non-yellowing; gloss finish; provides abrasion resistance; develops weatherability 150,000
(at 50°C)

BR-970BT Low viscosity; enhances abrasion, chemical, and stain resistance; exhibits hydrolytic stability; gloss finish; non-yellowing; low skin sensitivity 13,000
(at 25°C)

BR-5541M High elongation; low modulus for soft resin applications; excellent elasticit/rebound; adhesion to a variety of substrates 24,000
at 60°C

*Peak tan delta; cured with 2 phr of Omnirad™ 184

Recommended Equipment for Post Cure and Rework

After a 3D model is built, it may be necessary to supply additional curing energy to the part to ensure that optimized material properties are achieved. Dymax has several curing system configurations that are ideally suited for the post-cure process or rework.

UV Light-Curing Flood Systems

Ideal for post cure

Dymax flood-lamp systems are designed for area curing or for curing multiple assemblies at once. These flood lamp models use a powerful UV light-curing lamp (up to 225 mW/cm2 for fast curing over a 5″ x 5″ (12.7 cm x 12.7 cm) area. Typical flood-lamp curing systems are composed of three main components: a UV flood lamp, manual or automatic shutter, and a light shield. CE-marked systems are available.

UV Light-Curing Flood System

BlueWave® 200 3.0 Spot Lamp System

Ideal for rework or repair such as curing drain hole fills, assembling larger assemblies, or repairing cracked or broken models

The BlueWave® 200 3.0 is a high-intensity, light-curing spot-lamp system. This spot-curing lamp emits energy in the UVA and visible portion of the spectrum (300-450 nm) and is ideally suited for either manual or automated processes. The unit contains an integral shutter which can be actuated by a foot pedal or PLC and a universal power input that provides consistent performance at any voltage. A wide range of lightguides in various materials and configurations are available for use with this unit, providing application flexibility. This unit is also CE-marked for distribution in Europe.

BlueWave 200 3.0 Spot Lamp System