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Latest News

Newly Released Oligomers are Ideal for UV Coating Formulations
Dymax Oligomers & Coatings announced the release of two new oligomers, BDT-1015 and BRS-14320S, that can be utilized by coating formulators to achieve high levels of chemical and abrasion resistance for their UV-curable, matte-finish, and durable top coating on plastic substrates, while overcoming common problems with viscosity and VOC content.


Bomar® BR-970H – Ideal for 3D Printing Resins
Our newly released BR-970H is a multifunctional urethane acrylate ideal for 2D and 3D inkjet printing applications. It has high modulus and doesn’t necessarily need to be blended with other oligomers to achieve a balance of toughness and flexibility.


New Bomar® Oligomers Guide Streamlines Product Selection
Dymax Oligomers & Coatings has released a new, enhanced Bomar® Oligomers Selector Guide that streamlines product selection. The guide includes new products specifically developed to satisfy the performance requirements of emerging application technologies like hydrophobic coatings, 3D printing inks, and nail gel coatings.