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Water-Dilutable Oligomers

Water Dilutable Oligomers

Dymax's new water-dilutable oligomers represent a breakthrough in technology. They contain no water, but are infinitely dilutable with water (deionized). Customers can expect a significant cost savings because no water or solvent needs to be shipped. A key advantage of water-dilutable oligomers is their low viscosity, for example, <10,000 cP at 25ºC.

Water-dilutable oligomers are ideally suited for wood coatings. Water penetrates the wood and swells the surface which improves the adhesion of the coating. There is no need for a separate primer to achieve the best adhesion. Dymax’s water-based oligomers also exhibit good adhesion to most plastics. These tough and flexible coatings offer excellent chemical and stain resistance and can be formulated as both low- and high-gloss coatings. Water-dilutable oligomers have the added bonus of having a hydrophilic nature when cured, which results in anti-fogging properties. UV-cured coatings of Dymax's water-dilutable oligomers pass >200 MEK double rubs.

Thermal Flash Required - All water-base systems require some oven time. The time and temperature will depend on the substrate and type of oven, but a typical flash is 5-10 min. at 60°C.

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Water Dilutable Oligomers

OligomerApplicationsFeatures & BenefitsViscosity, cP (25°C)Tg 
XR-9416 Anti-Fog Coatings
Waterborne Coatings for Concrete & Wood
Superior chemical & stain resistance; low viscosity; clear films with hydrophilic nature which result in anti-fogging properties; non-yellowing 7,000 65°C Request a Sample