High-Performance Oligomers for adhesives, inks, and coatings

Bomar® oligomers are used to formulate adhesives, inks, coatings, and a variety of other products. In addition to their ability to undergo free radical polymerization, these versatile oligomers are the most significant contributor to the physical performance characteristics of the product including flexibility, chemical resistance, hardness, adhesion, and more.

Dymax Oligomers & Coatings has the materials you need to meet the requirements of your unique applications. From a full line of commercially available polyether, polyester urethane acrylate, and multifunctional oligomers to newly synthesized and select developmental materials, Bomar oligomers provide solutions to your most difficult formulation challenges.

BOMAR Oligomers Selector Guide   Bomar® Oligomers Selector Guide

Oligomer Chemistries

Dendritic Acrylates

Dendritic acrylates mimic the performance of dendrimers, star- or ball-shaped polymers that are built up layer by layer, without all of the cost. Dendritics are more spherical than rod shaped, and because of their spherical shape, they have significantly lower viscosity than typical linear oligomers of comparable molecular weights.

Hydrophobic Urethane Acrylates

Hydrophobic urethane acrylates provide similar adhesion benefits to polyester urethane acrylates but with excellent moisture barrier properties, enhanced flexibility at elevated temperatures, chemical resistance, weatherability, light stability, and optical clarity.

Multifunctional Acrylates

Multifunctional acrylates offer rapid cure and are ideal for coatings where premium performance is desired. Cured films range from stiff to flexible - all with excellent abrasion, stain, and chemical resistance plus good hydrolytic stability. They are used in the most demanding medical and electronic applications.

Polybutadiene Urethane Acrylates (PBDUA)

Designed to meet rigorous electronic applications, PBDUAs possess many desirable properties typical of polybutadiene (PBD) resins, combined with radiation curability via UV/EB. These oligomers are recommended for applications requiring low moisture pickup, thermal cycling resistance, and high dielectric constant.

Polyester Urethane Acrylates

Polyester urethane acrylates exhibit good adhesion properties to a variety of substrates along with a balance of toughness and flexibility. They have higher viscosities compared to other urethane acrylates, and therefore, require more diluent. Aliphatic polyester urethane acrylates have excellent outdoor durability and UV resistance and provide excellent cured-film characteristics. Applications for aliphatic polyester urethane acrylates include adhesives and coatings where toughness and non-yellowing characteristics are required.

Polyester Urethane Methacrylates

Polyester urethane methacrylates are most commonly used in applications where low shrinkage and excellent adhesion are required. Polyester urethane methacrylates give slower cure response and therefore need to be formulated accordingly. These oligomers are preferred over their acrylate counterparts for applications requiring ultra-low skin sensitivity.

Polyether Urethane Acrylates

This is a workhorse family of urethane acrylate oligomer products. With polyether urethane acrylates, it is possible to cost effectively obtain a wide range of properties. Applications range from adhesives, including laminating and pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSA), to high-quality coatings for wood, metal, and glass.

Polyether Urethane Methacrylates

Polyether urethane methacrylates are preferred in applications where adhesion, gloss, and low skin sensitivity is required. They offer lower viscosities compared to their polyester urethane methacrylate counterparts.


Select Novel Oligomer Chemistries

LS® Light-Sensitive Acrylates

These products are aliphatic and aromatic urethane acrylates in which the photoinitiator is grafted into the oligomer backbone. These custom oligomers can incorporate a variety of different Type I photoinitiators (PIs). Formulations can be designed to produce coatings, adhesives, and inks that exhibit little or no PI fragments and benzaldehyde. These LS® oligomers are suitable for FDA applications and offer benefits including reduced PI leaching, faster curing time, enhanced film properties, and more uniform cures.

Silicone Urethane Acrylates

Silicone urethane acrylates combine the characteristics of silicones and urethanes and possess acrylate functionality for UV/EB curing. These unique oligomers exhibit low shrinkage, hydrophobicity, chemical resistance, and higher temperature capability, making them ideally suited for producing films that are compounded for flexible systems, as well as hard coats.


Water-dilutable oligomers contain no water, but are infinitely dilutable with water. A key advantage of water-dilutable oligomers is their low viscosity. Dymax’s water-based oligomers exhibit good adhesion to most plastics and wood and have a hydrophilic nature when cured, which results in anti-fogging properties.

Oligomers for Nail Gel Coatings

LED-Curable Nail Gel Coating Oligomers

Nail gel coatings have become very popular in the cosmetic industry. They are extremely durable and don't chip or break as easily as traditional lacquer nail polishes. Nail gels have traditionally been formulated to cure under broad-spectrum UV light, but the industry has taken a turn towards LED and natural light-curing nail coatings. LED-curable coatings provide significant advantages over broad-spectrum UV coatings including faster cure times and the reduced energy and maintenance costs associated with LED-curing equipment.

Bomar® oligomers produce LED-curable nail gel coatings that overcome common formulation issues such as low gloss, color drift, regulator compliance, premature chipping, high heat generated during the curing process, and acetone removal process.

Oligomers for 3D Printing Inks & Resins

Formulate Printing Resins with Superior Mechanical Properties & Surface Quality

Bomar® oligomers are ideal for formulating printing inks and resins for SLA, DLP, and 3D inkject printers. The selection consists of oligomers with varying tgs that allow for flexibility in mechanical properties. Formulators looking to eliminate object deformation can select an oligomer with a high Tg and low linear shrinkage. The oligomers also cover a large range of viscosities so formulators can achieve the flow characteristics they desire.

In addition to the mechanical properties these oligomers provide, they also are non-yellowing for higher clarity and offer color stability for better looking objects. Formulations using Bomar oligomers also gain high impact resistance, making them more durable against dropping and every day wear. If one of our existing oligomers do not provide the desired properties for your application, Dymax O&C can work with you to develop a custom oligomer. We also offer a range of contract manufacturing services.