Reactive Cellulose Acrylic Esters - Jaylink®

Reactive Cellulose Acrylic Esters - Jaylink®

Jaylink® is a proprietary, high molecular weight, cellulosic polymer that is a free flowing, white powder. They are exclusively manufactured by Dymax and are polymerizable cellulosic materials, which are an acrylamidomethyl substituted cellulose ester polymer. These materials are typically used as an additives in formulations at 2 – 10% by weight for most applications: automotive, aerospace, food contact packaging, medical, flexoprinting, Overprint Varnish (OPV), UV printing ink, rapid prototyping, and graphic arts. These functionalized cellulose acetates are well known in the ink and coating industry as a rheology modifier, and as an adhesion promoter, which once cured will chemically crosslink into the matrix which keeps the material from leaching out. Formulas that incorporate these materials will also have a rapid UV cure response rate, and will have improved surface hardness without impacting clarity.

Benefits of using Jaylink additives in formulations include:

  • Due to the high degree of acrylamide substitution, products formulated with Jaylink® materials usually have higher rates of photocure.
  • These materials crosslink with various monomers and oligomers to become incorporated into the matrix. This minimizes component leaching in food and medical applications.
  • Formulated products gain excellent abrasion, chemical, and impact resistance.
  • Coatings have less turbidity and improved clarity due to the material solutibility.
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Reactive Cellulose Acrylic Esters

AdditiveApplicationsFeatures & BenefitsViscosity, cP (50°C)Tg 
JL-106E UV/EB Coatings
Rheological Additive
Fiberglass Composites
Accelerates cure; improves impact resistance; enhances surface hardness; mild thixotrope; provides chemical resistance; low haze 59,000 118°C Request a Sample